The town of Toplita



The town of Toplita is located in the northern area of the Giurgeu ( Gheorgheni ) Depression on the upper Mureș river, being surrounded by the Călimani, Giurgeu and Gurghiu Mountains. The „Bradul” thermal spring, flowing at a speed of 10 l/sec., having a temperature of 27,5ºC, is located at an altitude of 650 m., near the town. This spring´s water is collected in a basin, being actually a clear water pool. The second spring is near the town centre, by the train station. It is collected in a swimming pool, having the same structure as the „Bradul” spring, a temperature of 25ºC and flowing at a speed of 8 l/sec.


According to the coordinates of Ptolemeus, there would have been a Dacian stronghold in the town area, namely Sangidava, undiscovered on the ground. Szekely families began to settle here during the 13th century. The first documentary mention dates back to 1567. It has been declared a town in 1956, and in 2002 it obtained the title of municipality.


The town has gone through several name changes : Taplócza, Toplicza, Gyergyó-Toplicza, since the 3rd of February 1861 – Olah – Toplicza, then from the 1st of January 1907 – Mároshévíz until 1918 when it received the name of Toplita Română. In both languages, Hungarian and Romanian, the name means „hot water spring”; the first word is from Romanian, of Slavic origin.


The town´s main economic branch is the logging and wood processing industry ( furniture factories, timber, chipboard ). The textile, footwear industry are also quite developped, along with the farming and bakery industries, tourism and transport.


There are 6 schools within the area of the town, 3 of them being highschools. These are: „Miron Cristea” – primary school, Primary school no.4, „Octavian Codru Tăslăuanu” – Theoretical Highschool, „Mihai Eminescu” Highschool, „Kemény János” Highschool and „Andrei Șaguna” primary school.

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