The Commune of Subcetate


The Subcetate commune is located in the valley of the upper Mureș river, in the north-west part of Giurgeu Depression, limited to the south-eastern side by the river Mureș and to the north-west by the Giurgeu Mountains.

It has a strong ascendant landscape from the river meadow – 700 m. altitude to the Giurgeu Mountains – over 1600 m. altitude.

It covers an area of 5,166 m.

The commune is composed of four villages: Subcetate, Filpea, Călnaci and Duda. The population of the locality according to the last census (2011) is of 1920 of inhabitants, the ethnic composition being the following: 94.8 % Romanians, 3.8 % Hungarians, 1.4 % Roma, of which 97 % are Orthodox, 2.3 % are Roman-Catholic and 0.7 % are Uniate.

The locality is first mentioned at the beginning of the 18th century, the year 1722 respectively, under the name of Varviz.

The education system is structured thusly: pre-school, primary, professional (arts and crafts ) and high school, the representative school unit being „Miron Cristea ” High school, the first of this kind from the area covered by IDA Călimani – Giurgeu.

In terms of tourism, the locality is attractive by its nature and its diversified landscape: the river Mureș is permanently sought for by the fishing amateurs for the catches in its waters or by the huntsmen, whose marks are the muskrats and the wild ducks, and the meadow gives birth in spring to the endemic motley tulip.

The wide meadows and natural pastures are those which, together with the coniferous forests, feed the inhabitants of this place.

Being both hard-working and proud, the people have developed their own rules and created their own scale of economic, social and cultural values.

In terms of economy, the inhabitants of the commune had the means of their arms and their land. With these, they have forged lasting households and families who last from its beginnings.

Their own spiritual values have been created around them, materialised in the garb, traditions and customs which covered the whole circle of life, from the birth to death.

Proof of the things enumerated stand today the exhibits from the local museum or the Collection of traditional costumes of Mrs. Doina Dobrean , located on Protopop Vasile Urzică street.

As a simple tourist, I would like to feel the strong air winter air, or the fragrant summer air, to walk on the long paths of the hills to the mountain top, to taste the spring water from the fir trees´ roots and to delight my eyes with the sight of this piece of heaven.

As son of the village, I would like to relive all I felt as a child or teenager, to see my relatives and friends and return to my origins. This happens every year at the „Village sons´ meeting” or on the 26th of October (on „Sâmedru” ) when celebrating our saint patron – St. Dimitri.

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