Ski & Snowboard

The Călimani-Giurgeu area gives the opportunity to practice these two sports on the slopes of Borsec and Toplița.


The Măgheruș skiing slope, with a length of 460 m., of medium difficulty, designed for advanced skiers, with an average inclination of 23 %.

The Bradul skiing slope, with a length of 1200 m., of easy difficulty, with an average inclination of 11 %, is optimal for the beginners.

The sloped are equipped with two Doppelmayr lifts, with a capacity of 670 persons /hour.

The night lift on the two slopes gives the opportunity of the extraordinary experience of skiing at night.

The beginners have the possibility of learning and practicing these two wonderful sports with the help of the ski monitors activating on the slope.

For those who want to ski, but have no equipment the Rental centre at the base of the slopes provide the suitable equipment.



The Prichindel ski slope is approved by the Ministry of Tourism and it has an easy degree of difficulty, a length of 814 m., being meant for the beginners.

The Însorită ski slopen has an easy degree of difficulty and a length of 726 m.

The Speranța skiing slope has a medium degree of difficulty and a length of 679 m., being equipped with a night lift.

The three slopes are served by a mono post ski lift with a capacity of 720 persons /hour. The ski equipment may be purchased at the Rental centre.

People may practice skiing on the marked trails in Călimani, Giurgeu and Gurghiu mountains. The Călimani Ski Cup is organised at the beginning of every year, a competition which has reached its third edition by 2015.