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I.I. Tokes Attila, GSM 0744 693 028

Honey is a bee product obtained by the transformation and processing of nectar by bees and  stored in the honeycombs cells in order to become food for the hive population.

Did you know honey is the food of life, and 100 g of honey has 315 calories and the same nutritional value as: 5 eggs, or 700 g of carrots, or 1,4 kg of potatoes, or 600 ml milk, or 2 bananas, or 3 oranges?

Honey is easily digested and contains a mix of fructose, glucose and minerals, which pass directly into the blood stream. The thracians named honey „raw food”.
We warmly welcome you even for a small tasting of our range of selected natural honey. We offer canola, sunflower, linden, polyfloral, honeydew, mountain and plain honey and, last but not least, the most sought after honey, acacia honey.

You may find us at the Food Market in Toplița, and at the stand in front of the Community Centre, a cottage rented for a limited time.