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Events of the week 23rd-29th of October 2017

Starting with the 23rd of October 2017, each Monday, from 5 PM, at „George Sbârcea” Town Library from Toplița, a Mask creation workshop will take place, in collaboration with „O.C. Tăslăuanu” High School, with Maria Mirabela Joandrea´s participation.

On Wednesday, the 26th of October 2017 the people of Poiana Veche village, commune of Tulgheș, are celebrating their Holy Patron.

On Wednesday, the 26th of October 2017 the Holy Patron of the Orthodox Church and of the commune of Subcetate is celebrated by a folkloric show.

On Wednesday, the 26th of October 2017 the pupils of „O. C. Tăslăuanu” High School are invited from 5 PM, to the Prom which will take place at Toplița Community Centre.

On Friday, the 27th of October and on Saturday, the 28th of October, from 5 PM, Mrs. Viorica Truța, a nutrition and body care technician, will hold the following classes: „Health through way of living” and „Natural treatments in reumatism”, at the Conference Hall of Toplița Community Centre. Participation is free. Organisers: Toplița Community Centre and the „Perspective” Foundation.

On Saturday, the 28th of October 2017, at Borsec Community Centre a geology conference will take place. Organiser: Borsec Community Centre.

On Saturday, the 28th of October 2017, on the occasion of the Breeders´ Fair, the 5th edition,  at the Sports base of Gălăuțaș, a folkloric show by the local ensembles will take place.

Between January and December 2017, the Toplița „George Sbârcea” Town Library organises a photo contest, entitled „Don´t hasten the pace”, on the Library´s Facebook page. Thus, the competitors must upload 5 relevant photos of their locality on the Town Library´s Facebook page, tag   #nugrabipasul, but also on their Facebook page, with the same tag, inviting their friends to like them. The most beautiful 20 photos will be published in the topLITERA magazine. The most beautiful 5 photos will be awarded by the care of the magazine´s sponsors, and at the end of the year there will be an exhibition of all the posted photos.

Every week, from Tuesday till Friday between 8 and 12 AM, you may visit the Communal Museum from Tulgheș.


Every Thursday, at the Commune Museum of Tulgheș a sitting evening for the children will take place.

Toplița Town Hall and Toplița Community Centre organise table tennis classes for children, at Toplița Community Centre. For details call Coach Zoli Câmpian: 0745 496 365.

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