Events of the week 30th Nov – 6th Dec

Tuesday, 1st December 2015, on the National Day of Romania, the schedule of events will be the following:

At 1200 o´clock – The laying of wreaths at the Mausoleum – Monument at Gura – Secului.

At 1330 o´clock – Cultural events dedicated to Romania´s National Day – The Central Park of the Town of Toplița.

At 1500 o´clock – Protocol offered by the Mayor of the Town of Toplița – The „Izabella” Restaurant

At 1700 o´clock – Fireworks and lighting of the Winter Holidays´ lights.



Sunday, 6th December 2015 – Celebration Of St. Nicholas at Borsec



Wednesday, 3rd December 2015 – The weekly fair at Sărmaș.

Thursday, 4th December 2015 – The weekly fair at Subcetate.

Sunday, 6th December 2015 – The weekly market at Bilbor.


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