Events of the week 14 – 20 December 2015

On Sunday, 20 th of December 2015, 18 hrs, at the Toplița Cultura House, the „ A Christmas Tale” show will take place, being organised by the Toplița Town Hall, the Toplița Local Council  and the Toplița Culture House. In this show will participate the „Pulchra” Group,the  „Arhanghelii” Choir , the „Flori Toplițene” Group and the „Wi-fi” Band. The tickets can be purchased from the Toplița Town Hall, room 2014, from Monday to Friday , between 10 and 13 hrs. The tickets will cost 2 lei for the pupils and 3 lei for the adults.

From the 1st tothe  31st of December 2015 we invite you to  The Christmas Fair at Toplița.

On Wednesday, 16th of December 2015 – The weekly fair at Sărmaș.

On Thursday, 17th of December 2015 – The weekly fair at Subcetate.

On Sunday, 20th of December 2015 – The weekly market at Bilbor.

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