The town of Borsec


The depression begins to be inhabited around the end of the 18th century, between 1769 and 1773 respectively, when the first establishments appeared, occasion on which the fame of the mineral waters with their healing effects spreads.

A demographic explosion is recorded with the building of the first bottle factory, so necessary for the bottling of the mineral water, between 1804 and 1806. Due to an ambitious Austrian entrepreneur, Antal Zimmethausen, who, at that time spent all his fortune and even ruined his health during the many years of trials with the legal authorities and with the land owners of that time, from whom he leased the lands on which Borsec lies today.

The most precious resource is the mineral water with its beneficial effects. The qualities of these waters have been studied along the centuries by numerous doctors and specialists of those times, beginning with the 16th century, when the Italian doctor Bucella prescribes  the prince Sigismund Báthory a cure of „the water of a spring from Borsec”.

The studies and lectures of doctor Krantz from Vienna follow, who, around 1770, describes the qualities of these waters, and in 1973, in a medical magazine issued at Sibiu, doctor Neustadler presents a scientific exposition on the waters of Borsec.

The formalisation of the spa tourism happens in 1918, when the first resort enterprise is founded, which has as a primary task erasing the traces of the First World War and rebuilding the resort´s infrastructure. The greatest revival is observed during the interwar period – then most of the villas are being built, keeping the same architectonical style with its wonderful wooden laces.

An acknowledgement proof of the resort´s development is also the fact that, in 1937, the International Congress of Balneology is held here, with representatives from many countries with tradition in this field.

The communist regime entails major changes in the activity of the spa tourism. Thus the nationalisation of the villas, spas, restaurants is initiated, all these forming the material base of the Balneary Local Enterprise ( Borsec B.L.E. ) – the State enterprise which will manage the tourism activity, later receiving the name of Balneary – Climatic Enterprise ( Borsec B.C.E. ).

In time, they proceed to changes brought to the villas to be able to operate during the cold season, drinking water pipes and sewers are integrated, works with positive effects – by increasing the comfort – are undergone, but also with negative effects – by the fact that they have led to the premature depreciation of many buildings, due to the inadequate quality of the insulating works, most of them being built of wood.

During all this time a lot of tourists have been parading through Borsec, tourists who have found here rest and leisure conditions, but who also have cured the many ailments they suffered.

After the Revolution of December 1989, the deficiencies in legislation, an unsuccessful privatisation and the political games determined that the resort decline at a vertiginous pace, reaching up to the exclusion from the balneary and touristic system of national interest.

The evolution of the last few years gives hope of revival and development of tourism at the desired level, so that Borsec resort takes its deserved place on the firmament of the renowned resorts.

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