The commune of Bilbor

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The commune of Bilbor is situated at an altitude of 900 – 1,035 m., in the extreme north of Harghita County, at the foot of Călimani Mountains, in the valley of the river Bistricioara. It is formed of two villages, namely Bilbor ( centre of the commune ) and Răchitiș, and it lies at the intersection of the following geographical coordinates: 45º04´ North latitude and  25º29´ East longitude.


-The „Sf. Nicolae” wooden church, of Christian Orthodox faith, built between 1795 and 1797, declared a historical monument, located in the centre of the locality ( the graveyard area );

-The „Dobreanu” mineralised swamp, with a surface of approx. 3 ha., a very important natural reserve of peat and various species of plants and shrubs, located at a distance of approx. 1,5 km. from the centre of the locality;

-„Mesteacănul pitic” natural reserve, located by Pârâul Rușilor, with a surface of approx. 0,20 ha., located at a distance of approx. 4,5 km. from the centre of the locality;

-Numerous mineral water springs from which water can be consumed in its natural state;

-Various hiking trails in areas with particularly appealing landscapes which can be crossed by foot;

Main events:

-On the 29th of June, on the occasion when we celebrate the saint patrons of „Sf. Apostoli Petru și Pavel” Orthodox church, the days of the commune are being organised yearly, under the slogan „CELEBRATING BILBOR”, when different cultural and artistic events take place outdoors;

-On the first Sunday of May and on the 14th of October, the „Merchandise and animal fair” takes place yearly, a fair to which all neighbouring localities participate;

Culinary Traditions

-The typical cheese polenta; the topcit (melted cow or sheep cheese mixed with green onions and bacon); the balmoș ( a sort of polenta made with maize flour and sour cream ); sour milk ( in a small barrel ) and many others.

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