Area Development Plan

Starting from the purpose of setting up the Intercomunitar Development of the Association-Giurgeu, in the period March-May 2015 was drawn up a Dvelopment Plan for the next 10 years and prospectsfor the next 20 years for the North area of Harghita. DSCN4308site

At the begining the project was for distinction of teritorial profile, starting from geografical characteristics. Analysing the zonal economy the accent was on the ADI’s interest, such us: agricol (vegetal, agricol, zootehnic, apiarian), industrial, tourism (agroturism, rural tourism, mountain tourism), environment and lasting developement. After the developmental strategies were made from ADI’s structure, for the identification of a principal needs, opportunities and directions for teritorail development of ADI Calimeni Giurgeu and analizing the pricipale strategie aplicable on the teritorial, regional, national and european level. The documentation was validated and updated by visiting the area, individual discussions, and lot of consultation and interviews with the people in the area.

The elaboration of Development Zonal Project follows the stability of domains zoanl interest, such as the domains which can concentarte the eforts of ADI’s Calimani Giurgeu. From analising the domains the principale objectives of ADI’s were identified the next zonal interest (which concentrates more types of problems, initiatives or projects with theme and common characteristics from the ADI’ teritory): Asociativitate, Living quality, Administrative Capacity, Culture, Public Domain, Education, Green Energy, Infrastructure, Inheritance, Health, Social Beneffits, Sport, Tourism, Agriculture, Economy, Environment and Lasting Development.

All the efforts had been concentrated on the zonal development, with the interest of strategic development, concentrating around the priority domains, which contain similar types of intervention at highest level of ADI:

1.The improvement of the basic and the adiacent infrastrucuture will benefit on wellbeing in the North area of harghita.

-These strategic action visualises actions from the following doamins: infrastructure, public domain, green energy, administrative capacity, wellbeing of life, social care, education and health.

  1. Zonal improvements, with accent on tourism development and the other domain which can promote the North area of Harghita.

– These strategic direction visualises actions in the domain area: tourism, sport, inheritance, culture and environment.

3.Economical development of the North area of Harghita.

-These strategic direction visualises action in the domain area: economy, agriculture, association.

The zonal development plan is here .

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